To infinity and beyond !
Monday, April 9, 2012 • 10:24 PM • 0 comments
Assalamualaikum w.b.t ..

hey blogger .. argh.. haha.. sure ? am i sure to do this? ya Allah , berikanlah hamba kekuatan untuk menghadapi segala dugaan yang mendatang.. amin.. huhu.. haih.. I can do this baa.. I can do anything .. I'm an alien rite? aha.. so.. hm..yeah.. no worries.. start from tomorrow.. I'll find some information that can help me get through all of this "something" aha.. haih.. I'm kinda dying here.. arghh.. so arghh ! aha.. it's like that feeling when no one even care while you asking for help.. heh.. even though you were already shout as loud as u can.. what the fun . huh.

aha.. nah.. i just feel so stress. haih.. sad.. now i know what the main reason i felt so down.. haih.. huhu.. there's no second chance for me I think.. yeah.. hmm.. nevermind..  hmm.. haih.. huhu.. okay.. I'm crying ....... wuwuwuwu.. haih.. as usual.. it's my fault.. hmm.. by the way.. my father warn me already .. about my bad behavior .. ehem.. "sleeping late at night" .. haha.. ouch.. so.. now.. i'm gonna sleep early as i could .. ohhh.. haha.. sleep early means.. I need to wake early too.. hehu.. It's good for my health btw .. heh. so.. i'm not gonna argue about this.. just follow what your father said !! haha.. hoho!.. haih..

well, I still had a flu.. *sometimes.. hehu.. but i'm okay.. just fine.. i'm fine.. superb ! hehe..  hmmm.. haih.. there's something i wanted to share to all of the blogger.. but but.. haha.. nahh.. next time.. to early to tell.. uhu.. aha.. haih.. okay then.. it's 10.18pm already.. whoa.. I'm going to sleep now.. I'm kinda tired today.. hm.. okay.. see ya later blogger..

Hi! welcome ! ^^btw If you can't see the past&future button at the bottom , you can zoom out a little bit and you can see the button. tq ^^


" ILMU penyuluh hidup. AMAL bekalan perjalanan & AKHLAK hiasan jiwa & peribadi menuju destinasi AKHIRAT yang sudah pasti "